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Right-sizing Business Architecture

Simplifying digital complexity

What is Business Architecture?

Visualise how your business works and build competitive advantage.


Business Architecture - An Essential Guide  

What I do

Giving leading-edge firms the strategy, technology and skills they need to succeed.

I've managed business architectures for IT, sales and marketing and HR organizations worldwide with a combined portfolio value of over $1Bn. Most recently, I've been working with consulting agencies to transform learning experience architectures at leading professional services organizations and helping small-medium size businesses harness the power of business architecture.

With over two decades of digital strategy experience, my passion in life has become sharing my worldwide know-how with business leaders and entrepreneurs who need a pathway to growth.

We can start small with a digital capability audit and build our relationship — just like you will with your teams. Find out more about how I work with these best practices.

As an independent consultant, I’m available to my clients without restriction and without having a massive overhead. I look forward to working with you.

Learn more about TZR 

People I've worked with say...

Tom is a business architect extraordinaire. He always looks at a solution from the business point of view.

Vijay Vijayasankar

Managing Partner, IBM

A great balance of technical skills and business acumen. I thoroughly recommend him.

Peter Georgopoulos

 Advertising Manager, AWS

Tom has a rare blend of stellar technical skills/knowledge, business acumen, people skills, and attitude.

Steve Hong

Founder, Izundo Solutions



Digital Capability Audit

Evaluate your digital ecosystem and check it's aligned to your business objectives


Business Architecture

Get started with a TZR bespoke business architecture to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and foster innovation


Digital Transformation

Land digital transformation initiatives that modernize operations, improve customer experiences, and boost profitability


Presentation Design Service 

Bring business architecture reviews to life with an independent assessment and presentation design service.


Accelerating business growth since 2004 


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