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5 Best Practices

Working with people and technology


Work-Life Balance

Working to produce your best is good but it's important to not forget the reason why we are doing what we are doing. Having a balanced work week where you have time to reflect and recreate is important to success and making good decisions.

Work Life Balance Mountain View



Brevity in communication or software  design enhances efficiency, ensuring messages are easily understood and actionable, thereby avoiding misunderstandings and promoting productivity.

Fly the kite and keep it simple



Discipline ensures consistency and reliability in design, aligning actions with values, fostering responsibility among team members, and driving sustainable growth and success.

Stay organized


Customer Focus

A customer-focused approach is crucial for understanding and meeting end user needs, driving innovation, ensuring customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty, and securing a competitive advantage.

Give your customers choice



Prioritizing quality reflects a commitment to excellence, fostering customer trust and loyalty, differentiating the company in competitive markets, and driving sustainable success through continuous improvement.

Stay focused on Quality
Measurement is a heartbeat

Metrics & Goals

How do you measure success? A question I ask my clients. Establishing clear metrics and goals is fundamental for guiding a company's direction and measuring its progress. 

By defining what success looks like, companies can align their efforts, motivate teams, and adjust strategies.

What's most important is once team members know what drives success they can connect with and understand their impact on the company's vision, fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.

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