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Getting started with Business Architecture

Updated: May 6

Please note: Be sure to read the Business Architecture: An Essential Guide before proceeding.

This article is specifically designed for ambitious business owners embarking on a path of significant growth. This guide will equip you with the knowledge necessary to start your business architecture so you can leverage technology effectively, optimise team performance, and streamline processes critical for sustained growth and engage in investor discussions.

Step 1: Capture Goals - What does success look like?

Determining how and where to start your business transformation journey is crucial for its success. Begin by capturing the goals and priorities of the business. This initial step serves as the foundation upon which all subsequent actions will be built. Collaborate with your business architect, who possesses the expertise in aligning strategies with objectives,

An essential inquiry to make early on is, "How will we measure success?" Clarifying this metric provides a clear benchmark against which progress can be assessed. It also prompts a deeper exploration into the company's Mission and Vision, evaluating your alignment with established goals and metrics.

Step 2: Choose a path - Customer experience, internal operations or both?

Next, delve into two key areas: Customer Journeys and Capability Mapping. Starting from a customer journey perspective is advisable if enhancing customer experience is a primary focus. Conversely, if internal operations demand attention, commencing with Capability Mapping is recommended. Both a strong starting points for building your Business Architecture.

Ultimately, both areas will require attention, but prioritising based on immediate needs ensures a strategic and structured approach to transformation.

If you need guidance building a business architecture, TZR Consulting has the worldwide enterprise experience that can help accelerate your progress and grow your business.

Business Architecture Infographic
Business Architecture Infographic


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