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Crafting a Business Framework that scales

Frameworks are useful tools that can help abstract and simplify complex challenges. They give us the ability to remove ourselves from the situation and look at opportunities for change and transformation.

Many industries and business sectors look to a framework to help them understand the nature of their work. It's understood that at least 80% of Fortune 50 companies have used TOGAF, here are other some examples:

TOGAF The Open Group Architecture Framework - video explainer (7 mins)

SaFE Scaled Agile Framework - video explainer (5mins)

ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library - video explainer (1min)

IAF - Integrated Architecture Framework

A framework is a structured foundation used to solve or address complex issues by providing an organized approach and set of guidelines to follow. It's different from Business Architecture in that it is less prescriptive. Business Architecture will show how different parts of the business work together and can help facilitate change based on what is present today.

Building an industry framework takes collaboration, dedication, and determination. Gathering the thoughts of leaders to clearly articulate the challenges and opportunities so others can reuse and build upon the foundations of your collective intelligence.

You need to consider:

  • Scalability - Can it scale up and down and work for small, midsize, and enterprise organizations?

  • Interoperability - Will it work across various segments or domains, meaning can it apply to a healthcare organization just as it can to a manufacturing factory?

  • Adaptability - Does it stand the test of time and be adapted to account for changes in roles, processes, and technology without a complete revision?

The Learning Experience Framework - LEF was created to help learning leaders ask the right questions when transforming their learning ecosystems.

Learning Experience Framework - LEF®
Learning Experience Framework - LEF®


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